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The Future of Your Physical Well-Being Starts Here.

Intuitive Wellness is a collective of Fitness and Wellness professionals who will collaborate to design an intuitive action plan for you with the intention to improve your quality of movement through life. We consider the effects of your work, life, responsibilities and emotional state in the development of these plans. With the range of services we provide and the expertise of our team we can increase your strength, flexibility, mobility and emotional well-being.

"Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you,

spend a lot of time with them,

and it will change your life."

-Amy Poehler

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Introducing Hybrid Sessions

A Fusion of Personal Training and Assisted Stretching for an All-In-One Experience. Increase Your Strength and Flexibility with the Most Impactful Session You'll Ever Have!

Group Class Schedule


12pm Full Body Strength and Conditioning


12pm Women's Full Body Strength and Conditioning


8:15am Weekend Champions: Functional Cardio & Mobility

Class Pack Pricing

Single $49

4 Pack $153

8 Pack $265

-Packs can be used with any classes offered.

-Packs expire after 6 months.

-Pricing specific to classes only

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