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Group Classes

These 45 minute classes are held weekly and meant to make you move! Enjoy high energy trainers, music, and mindfully curated workouts. Come with friends or meet new friends during the class! Group fitness is not only fun and social, but it also offers a competitive mindset that pushes each participant to do their best.


10am on Mondays and Fridays

High energy & cardio class, highlighting different styles of movement, all performed in various high intensity intervals. Postpartum women are welcome.


12pm on Wednesdays

A comprehensive workout using various resistance methods to get your entire body the pump it wants.


5:30pm on Mondays

This class develops core strength and lengthens the spine to encourage better posture. Engage every muscle in a low impact environment.


5pm on Fridays

A comprehensive visually-based yoga curriculum developed specifically for individuals with autism. Visual communication systems are provided to ensure that all individuals can gain access to the many benefits of yoga practice.

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10am and 5:15pm on Tuesdays

A dynamic workout blending full body resistance training, fast pace cardio, and full range of motion mobility exercises.


8:15am on Saturdays

An explosive workout blending cardio and resistance training. Lets start your weekend off in the best way possible!

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