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Neurodiverse Services

Everyone is welcome at Intuitive Wellness. Our Team is trained to work with Neurodiverse and Neurotypical individuals alike. The goal is to get individuals moving and feeling confident. Every session is catered to each person's specific needs. We work closely with VoiceColors Yoga, an organization that creates tools for adaptive yoga made for autistic individuals. We hope to create a safe and fun environment that promotes health and wellness for the neurodiverse community.

Personal Training

Training sessions are available as a single, duo, trio, and quad. We create programs that are engaging and get each individual excited about movement while also learning healthy habits. These sessions can be taught verbally or through demonstrations.

Assisted Stretch/Massage

These sessions are meant to relive any pain or discomfort any individual may have. It does not have to include verbal communication and can also help ease stress and anxiety.

VoiceColors Yoga

VoiceColors Yoga is a visual yoga experience meant for neurodiverse individuals. Our coaches have been trained to use their actions and pictures rather than verbally explaining each step. These Yoga sessions are also available as a single, duo, trio, and quad. 

Group Fitness

Classes can be for training or yoga and usually include 3-5 people. Like the other sessions the classes goal is to keep individuals active and learn more about their health. It also is a space for being social and meeting new people.

Get in Touch

Tell us about the neurodiverse individual you wish to bring in! We will accommodate their needs and get them started as soon as we can.

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