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What is Intuitive Wellness?


Intuitive Wellness is a boutique wellness studio which offers multiple fitness and wellness services for your physical and mental well-being. Our studio specializes in individual and group personal training, massage therapy, assisted stretching, yoga, pilates, meditation, energy work, group classes, and neurodiverse training. Our staff collaborates to create individualized plans to maximize the efficacy of your time spent with us. 


We, Laura and Hailey (owners), established Intuitive Wellness in 2020 after gaining over a decade of working experience utilizing our bachelor’s in Kinesiology and Physiology. It started as a simple business in the basement of the adjacent building and quickly grew into the larger multilevel renovated colonial you see today. The inspiration for our studio came from our own personal experience with injury, imbalance, misalignments, and the struggle to find adept professionals to help so, we became them.

Our philosophy is to treat the whole person. We try to get to know what makes you, you. Your lifestyle, past injuries, occupation, activity level, physical and mental health gives us the information we need to create a plan of action that best suits your needs. We want to bring our community a warm and welcoming environment that gives them balance throughout their daily lives.


It was the people which brought us to Weston. We have strong ties to a few families that reside here and have witnessed first-hand how bright and extraordinary the community is. We wanted to not only be a part of it but contribute to it. We saw how we could take our passion for wellness and make a substantial impact on the town’s well-being. We want each and every one of you to know you can come as you are and we will work with you to attain your goals. Our ability to adapt to the ebb and flow of your needs, sometimes without you even mentioning them, will let you see how truly intuitive we really are.


**A Special Note**

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Weston for accepting us into their community. The support we have received, and continue to receive, from our clients is immeasurable. You are the reason we come in every day, continue to educate ourselves, and fuel the fire that is our passion for Intuitive Wellness. We are so very grateful for the impact you have had on us personally and professionally. Here’s to the continued health and well-being of you, Intuitive Wellness, and the wonderful town of Weston.

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