About Us


What We Offer

At Intuitive Wellness, we help establish proper movement patterns to increase strength, endurance, mobility, flexibility, and power. Our offerings are for athletes trying to elevate to the next level, individuals with autism and related developmental disabilities, and any individual who is looking to continually progress in their physical pursuits. We also offer several healing and recovery modalities to help aid in injury prevention and long term stability. We have a mind and body approach in each session to help enrich daily life and growth potential as an individual. 

Why Us

What we offer is unique because we specialize in multiple different areas of health and wellness, the physical body, mind, and soul. Our studio has a multitude of offerings, our goal is to keep things evolving and changing so our athletes can become more dynamic and balanced both mentally and physically.

Classes encompass neurodiverse 1- on-1, neurodiverse group training, neurotypical 1-on-1, neurotypical small group training, Normatec air compression recovery, percussive therapy, isometric stretching, reiki, yoga, adapted yoga, meditations, and community healing events. The training and healing modalities that Intuitive Wellness offers encompasses a whole new dimension of health and wellness.